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Globus Agrofoods Pvt. Ltd. established in the year of 2005, it's amongst the largest pulses and grains handler/importer in India with major business interest in imports, processing of grains and pulses. Globus Agrofoods Pvt. Ltd. is a leading, differentiate agri business operating world wide across the value chain from farms and plantations to procurement, trading, processing and distribution.
We are currently working with:- Canada, USA, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, China, Ukrain, Russia, Burma, Indonesia, Argentina in many commodities like Green Moong Beans, Desi Chick Peas, Kabuli, Lentils, Urad Dal, Lemon Toor, Black Eyed Beans, Pop-Corn and many more. Having a wide array to reliable suppliers in all the regions procurement and supply is no distant. The company can very well boast its strength in trade from anywhere to everywhere in the world.

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